*New Blaq America Alert* Author D.S. Epps

                                                 *NEW BLAQ AMERICA ALERT* Author D S Epps
D S. Epps was born in 1979 in Harlem (NY). She was raised in the South Bronx. She graduated from Metropolitan College of New York and received her Master’s Degree in Public Administration at the age of 25 and also blessed with the birth of her third child.  Since 2000, she has been dedicated to assisting others in need, over a decade of working as a Qualified Professional/ Case Manager working with severely mentally ill adults, behavioral health children and substance abuse population. She has dedicated countless hours developing and facilitating community events to benefit children and families. In 2015, she started EEL Movement Broken Silence supporting Domestic Violence and Sexual Abuse Victims and Survivors.  Her love and compassionate in teaching her children the importance of hard work, team work, respect, responsibility and accountability .

Flowin Emotions and Flowin Emotions ll is the expression of thoughts using pen and paper as an outlet to express life experiences.  The determination to use those reflections as stepping stones to heal and overcome past pains and struggles. The development of a young city girl evolves as her experiences discovers hidden fears and her silent tears is unleashed through poetry and inspiration.

Flowin Emotions
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