Hippie Movement Monday’s

“Exercise Discretion When Conversing”

Self-importance is not the way of the True Playa. Nobody enjoys the company of a bragger. Don’t oppress people with dramatic stories of your own exploits. Nobody cares that much about your war stories and dramatic adventures, though they might indulge you for a while to appear polite. To speak frequently and excessively of your own achievements is tiresome and pompous.

You don’t need to be the class clown. Nor do you need to resort to other indelicate methods in order to convince others you are clever, sophisticated, or affable.

Aggressive, glib or showy talk should be completely avoided. it just lowers you in the esteem of your acquaintances.

Many people casually jazz their speech with obscenities in an attempt to bring force and intensity to their speech or to embarrass others. Refuse to go along with such talk. When people around you start to slip into indecent, pointless speech, leave if you can, or at least be silent and let your look of seriousness show that you are offended by such coarse talk.



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