Playas Have Strength Of Spirit


Playas always have the strength of spirit. It is out of a dead lion that even the rabbits pull the hairs, for there is no sneering at courage; if concession is made in one instance, it will have to be made in a second, and so on even to the last: and the same effort required to win late, would have availed more if expanded earlier.

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The courage of the spirit is more than the courage of the body: it is like a sword sheathed in the scabbed of your heart, and ready for the occasion. It is the protector of your person: but more against the hurt of its soul than the hurt of flesh. Many have been rich in mind, but because they were poor in this courage of the spirit, they lived as the dead., and died for what they lacked, for it is not without plan that nature has joined the sweetness of the honey with the sharpness of the sting in the bee; nerves and bones make up the body, let not its spirit be all softness.

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