Are Guns Getting Dropped Off In Chicago? 

For years gangs in Chicago have claimed crates of guns show up in the hood and no one knows where, why or how they got there. Many thought this notion was laughable…I mean, why would guns appear out of thin area in Chicago’s Black communities?! 
Are guns coming into the Black community in Chicago via law enforcement? On Monday, July 3, 2017 a cop’s vehicle was supposedly stolen at a gas station. Or was it stolen? Maybe it was a drop off car? Inside the car was a ballistic vest, two Glock handguns, one M4 carbine rifle, a stun grenade, ammunition, etc! 
Why would a cop be riding around with all that weaponry? Why would said cop leave his running vehicle (engine on) at a gas station? Maybe the gangs are right? Maybe the cops are dropping off guns in Chicago’s Black community? 
“…most law enforcement agencies have their own gas fill up stations…I mean, when was the last time you seen a cop car at a local gas station?”
Think about it…how in the hell are teenagers getting guns? How are convicted felons getting guns? How are all these guns ending up in the hands of vicious thugs? 
It’s not like convicted felons and teens can buy guns from the local gun shop. That’s illegal, they won’t sell guns to a convicted felon in Illinois. To buy a gun in Illinois one would need a (F.O.I.D. Card) FIREARMS OWNER’S IDENTIFICATION CARD. 

​​What do you think? Are guns purposely being dropped off to vicious drug lords and gang bangers in Chicago? Do we have proof from last Monday’s debacle? Is this the smoking gun we’ve all been looking for? Is the government via law enforcement supplying the Black community in Chicago with guns? 

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