Police arrest man who suckered punched black Trump supporter.

California police arrested the man suspected of sucker punching a black supporter of President Donald Trump at at a vigil for people who died at the hands of illegal immigrants.Officers with the Laguna Beach Police Department arrested Richard Losey late on Tuesday night on suspicion of battery assault and making terroristic threats for punching R.C. Maxwell, a black conservative, Daily Caller reported.

Losey punched Maxwell during an America First rally which was attended by a few dozen people who oppose illegal immigration. The few people that gathered were quickly outnumbered by an Antifa extremist mob.

Police kept everyone safe by keeping the group separate, but a video shows Maxwell on the Antifa side trying to engage in peaceful dialogue with the group. This is when Losey snuck up behind Maxwell and threw a loaded punch.

Maxwell reported the incident to the police who were able to track Losey down using videos from the scene. He was caught trying to buy a bus ticket back to Ohio.

Maxwell said he thinks his story has not made any mainstream media headlines because his skin color doesn’t go along with the narrative leftist outlets have been advancing for years.

“If the optics were completely different and I was a Black Lives Matter supporter and I was attacked on the Trump side of the protest I would be the spotlight on CNN right now,” Maxwell told Fox 11.

“I went over to the left side to see if I can engage them with dialogue and I was instantly encircled by the so-called antifascists,” Maxwell said.

Losey identified himself on Twitter shortly after the rally.

“I did it because he would stop talking about Trump when all of us told him thousands of times we did not want to hear it. I am NOT racist,” Loset wrote.

Losey’s bail was set at $50,000.

Maxwell thinks he is especially “triggering” to Antifa because of the color of his skin.

“I think the fact that I’m a black conservative causes a lot of problems for the left side because there is no way for them to resolve that according to their narrative of what they think Trump supporters are,” Maxwell said.

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