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Chicago Man Say He Knows Who Carmelo Anthony’s Pregnant Mistress Is

Carmelo and La La Anthony are reportedly headed for divorce and today a Chicago man has stepped forward with details about the woman that Melo allegedly got pregnant. 

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Melo’s mistress who the Chicago man mentioned is 24-year old Mia Angel Burks, who graduated from Northwestern University with a master’s degree in health communication last year, and she’s been seeing the Knicks player for quite some time.

The two allegedly met last Summer in Chicago.

According to Page six, Anthony Jacobs, a former friend of Mia’s, said she’s not a stripper and that she and Melo have been dating for months now.

“Mia met Carmelo at Room Seven, a club in Chicago, when he was here for the NBA draft doing press,” he told “Chicago Morning Takeover ” “She’s not a stripper … she works in education setting up programs.”

“I’ve known that [they’ve dated] for some months now,” he added.

Jacobs says he roomed with Burks for a while but had a falling out over a rent dispute. He alleges he found out about her pregnancy with Melo through a mutual friend.

Motivation Monday: Practicing Principles Matters More Than Proving Them

“Practicing Principles Matters More Than Proving Them”

The life of a Hippie begins with learning how to put principles, such as “We ought not to lie,” into practice. The second step is to demonstrate the truth of the principles, such as why it is that we ought not to lie. The third step, which connects the first two, is to indicate why the explanation suffice to justify the principle. While the second and third steps are valuable, it I the first step that matters most. For it is all too easy and common to lie while cleverly demonstrating that lying is wrong.

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Motivational Monday’s: No Shame, No Blame



If it is our feelings about things that torment us rather than the things themselves, it follows that blaming others is silly. Therefore, when we suffer setbacks, disturbances, or grief, let us never place the blame on others, but on our own attitudes.

Small-minded people habitually reproach others for their own misfortunes. Average people reproach themselves. Those who are dedicated to a life of wisdom understand that the impulse to blame something or someone is foolishness, that there is nothing to be gained in blaming, whether  it be others or oneself.

One of the signs of the dawning of moral progress is the gradual extinguishing of blame. We see the futility of finger-pointing. The more we examine our attitudes and work on ourselves, the less we are apt to be swept away by stormy emotional reactions in which we seek easy explanations for unhidden events.

Things simply are what they are. Other people think what they will think; it is of no concern to us.

No Shame, No Blame.



Motivational Monday’s: All Advantages Have Their Price

All Advantages Have Their Price


Is someone enjoying the privileges, opportunities, or honor you desire? If the advantages that person has secured are good, then delight in that person enjoying them. it is his or her time to prosper. if those advantages actually turn out to be bad, then don’t be troubled that they didn’t come your way.

Remember: You will never earn the same rewards as others without employing the same methods and investment of time as they do. It is unreasonable to think we can earn rewards without being willing to pay their true price. Those who “win” at something have no real advantage over you, because they had to pay the price for the reward.

It is always our choice whether or not we wish to pay the price for life’s rewards. And often it is best for us not to pay the price, for the price might be our integrity. We could be forced to praise someone whom we don’t respect.


Motivational Monday’s: What Makes Us Truly Happy

What Makes Us Truly Happy

All human beings seek the happy life, but many confuse the means – for example, wealth and status – with that life itself. This misguided focus on the means to a good life makes people get further from the happy life. The really worthwhile things are the virtuous activities that make up the happy life, not the external means that may seem to produce it.

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HIV Infection, Controled By Teenager Without Drugs for More Than 12 years

HIV Treatment

A French teenager infected at birth with HIV has shown an incredible ability and possible breakthrough, to control levels of the infection in her body — without being on antiretroviral treatment.

The finding provides new hope that a “functional” cure for HIV — where the virus is brought down to low levels but not spreading in the body — may one day soon be possible. That’s Dope!

The 18-year-old female, whose mother was HIV positive, was given antiretroviral treatment soon after birth but stopped at age six and has since maintained undetectable levels of the virus in her blood — known as remission — for 12 years.

“This is the first time long-term remission has been shown in children, or adolescents,” said Asier Saez Cirion from the Institut Pasteur in France, who presented the findings at the 8th IAS conference on HIV, pathogenesis, treatment and prevention, in Vancouver this week.

The researchers believe there may be something vey rare and rather unique in her biology that, combined with early treatment, enabled her to control the infection. But for now, the reason remains a mystery.

She was first being treated with antiretroviral drugs as a prophylactic to prevent infection, and then given a combination of four antiretroviral drugs when the virus was found to persist. She was monitored as part of a group of child HIV patients, but failed to go in for observations between the age of five and six, during which time her family chose to stop her treatment.

On returning for check-ups one year later, medical teams found undetectable levels of HIV in her blood despite her break from treatment.

More than 12 years later, the virus remains undetectable.

“We have already found it was possible in adults,” said Saez-Ciron. This work follows on from his previous research, in which 14 adults with HIV in France — known as the “Visconti patients” — were treated for HIV soon after infection but stopped taking their drugs three years later and showed no resurgence in the amount of virus found in their blood. The group are considered to be post-treatment controllers of the virus.

Today, 12 remain in control of their infection and without drugs, and they have an average of 10 years in remission.

What these adults have in common with the French teenager is the early initiation of antiretroviral treatment, thought to aid remission by preventing the formation of HIV reservoirs inside the body.

“Again, treatment was initiated very close to the period of infection,” said Saez-Ciron.

However, in practice, most adults infected with HIV aren’t diagnosed until the virus has taken hold — making early treatment a challenge. But children at risk of infection from their mothers can be identified — and treated — during pregnancy, or at birth.

But pediatric experts warn this kind of remission is not common

“This case is very rare,” said Deborah Persaud, a virologist at Johns Hopkins Children Center in Baltimore, who worked on the case of the “Mississippi Baby” an infant once believed to have been functionally cured of HIV as a result of immediate treatment with antiretrovirals. No virus was detected for more than two years, before it again showed up in tests.

Persaud is excited that remission has been achieved for this length of time in the teenager, but warns it is unlikely to be replicated easily. “Many kids have gone off treatment — and treated that early — and we haven’t seen this outcome,” she said. “Parents should not take their child of their antiretroviral regimen to see if they’re like this child.”

The team at the Pasteur Institute agrees.

“The fact that you initiate treatment very early doesn’t imply you will achieve remission of infection,” said Saez-Ciron.

Inner Excellence Matters More Than Outer Appearence…..#HippieQuotes

Females are especially hindered by the attention they receive for their pleasing appearance. At the time they are young, they’re flattered by males or evaluated only in terms of their outter appearance. 

Unfortunately, this can make a woman feel suited only to give men pleasure… ya dig, and her true inner beauty/gifts sadly wither. Then, she may feel compelled to put great effort and time into enhancing her outer beauty and distorting her natural self to please others.

Regrettably, many people, both men and women place all their emphasis on maintaining their physical appearance and the impression they make on others. 

Those who seek wisdom come to understand that even though the world may reward us for wrong or superficial reasons, such as our physical appearance, the family we come from, and so on, what really matters is who we are inside and who we are becoming….. #HippieMovement

#HippieQuotes by: Hippie Slim


“Make Full Use of What Happens to You”

Every difficulty in life presents us with an opportunity to turn inward and to invoke our own submerged inner resources. The trails we endure can and should introduce us to our strengths.

“Wise” people tend to look beyond the incident itself and seek to form the habit of putting it to good use. On the occasion of an accidental event, don’t react in a “world is going to end” fashion: Remember to turn inward and ask what resources you have dealing with it. Dig deeply! You possess strengths you might not realize you have. Find the right one and Use it.

If you encounter an attractive person, then self-restraint is the resource needed ya dig; If pain or weakness, then stamina; if verbal abuse, then patience is the key.

As time goes by and you build on the habit of matching the appropriate inner resource to each incident, you will not tend to get carried away by life’s appearance. You will stop feeling over-whelmed so much of the time and handle your priorities accordingly. Ya Dig….. #HippieMovement